Baby Koala Insists On Staying By Mother’s Side During Lifesaving Operation

This is an incredible story of a mommy koala and her baby koala, who survived an accident with the magic of love! Lizzie and her 5-month-old son named Phantom were taking a walk when they were hit by car. Fortunately, mommy Lizzie had enveloped her baby so tight that all the wounds were inflicted only on her body.
clingy baby koala
A passersby rushed the koalas to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital where the volunteers shifted the pair to emergency. When checked, the vets found that Lizzie’s lung had collapsed and she had a facial trauma. This called for an immediate surgery, but Phantom was still clinging on to his mommy’s injured body. Seeing the love, the doctors decided to let them be. More stress could even put both mother and baby under intensive care, so they started operating on Lizzie while Phantom clung on…

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