After Rescuing Four Baby Squirrels In Danger, His Cat Stepped Up To Care For Them…

Wild storms wreak havoc not just for us humans; animals can be adversely affected as well. Our furry friends can get blown out of the trees and have their habitats destroyed.

Peter, an animal rescuer, saw this happen during a terrible cyclone near his property. Peter found four baby squirrels in a nest that had been knocked from a tree.

cat mothers baby squirrels

Peter decided to nurse the squirrels back to health with help from his cat Netty.

Peter syringe fed the babies around the clock and provided them with loving care. His cat Netty, a rescue, was curious about them, so Peter introduced them to each other.

cat mothers baby squirrels

Netty fell in love with the squirrels and began snuggling with them. She took on the role as their adoptive mother.

Netty was trying to give them the same love and protection she received when she was rescued.

cat mothers baby squirrels

“We heard the mother squirrel sound around our neighbors home. She was searching for her babies. We kept the nest outside the window,” said Peter.

Peter hoped that the mother would hear the babies cries and come and collect them, and sure enough – she did!

“The mother squirrel had come around our home, but the weather outside was too bad to give back her babies.” Peter waited for a few days until the weather cleared up.

They placed the babies outside, and one by one mama came to pick them up.

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