Pregnant Pit Bull Is Rescued Just Before Giving Birth To Twelve Puppies

Chris and Mariesa are a couple of crazy dog lovers with huge hearts. While at the county kennel one day, they discovered Storie, a dog who was pregnant with 12 puppies. Obviously, the shelter is not the best place for a dog while they are pregnant, they could not help themselves and took Storie home to deliver her puppies.

Once at their home, they made her a comfortable bed and provided her with all necessities to have a smooth delivery. The kind-hearted couple was so excited to meet a dozen puppies. The very night Storie was taken to their home, she delivered her 12 puppies in less than 18 hours.

Within two weeks, the puppies opened their eyes! Chris and Mariesa found these 12 little angels new homes once they were old enough to be away from their mother!


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