Chihuahua Steals The Spotlight With Crazy Balancing Skills

Christian Stoinev balances his handstand on two basketballs when his Chihuahua, Percy decides to steal his show by flaunting his crazy balancing skills.

A Chihuahua may be the smallest breed of dog there is but Percy was nothing short of spectacular during his performance.

In this video, a man dribbles two basketballs and places them on the ground and does a handstand on the two balls while keeping his balance for about ten seconds.

A dog can be noticed in the left bottom corner looking around as if he is not impressed by his owner’s act of balance, he doesn’t even wait for him to finish his balancing act and rushes in to steal his thunder like “stop bragging let me show you how it’s done”!

Immediately after the man got down, Percy hops on top of a basketball and copies him by balancing himself on the basketballs, as the ball rolls on the ground.

Percy is a real copy dog! He watches his owner do an impressive handstand while balancing on two basketballs and then steals his spotlight by repeating the same trick.

He balances himself on one basketball and then transfers to the second. These are some serious balancing skills, awesome!

The basketball doesn’t have to be used just to shoot some hoops and these two discovered a great alternative purpose for it.

This man and dog duo will keep you well-entertained as they pull off an amazing basketball balancing act like it is a piece of cake.

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