Her Cat Waited 10 Days For Dog To Come Home, But Mom Doesn’t Expect Him To Be So Emotional

In case you needed more proof of a pet’s love…

In May 2012, Bow-Z the dog returned home after being away for 10 long days. Everyone missed him, but nobody expected his feline companion to react quite like this.

Jasper the cat missed his canine brother so much. So, their mom decided to whip out the video camera and film their heartwarming reunion. As you’re about to see, Jasper wraps his arms tight around Bow-Z’s neck and won’t let go.

It’s just about the most adorable, heartwarming moment between four-legged siblings I’ve ever seen!

This video proves, once again, that pets and rescued animals are simply the best.

It’s no wonder this short-but-sweet clip has garnered millions upon millions of YouTube views.

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