They Look Like 2 Ordinary Dogs, Until Mom Sees They’re As Tall As Her Kids

Joshua Fisher and his wife, Bee, have three little boys. That may sound like a full house to some, but they were looking to expand their family.

Joshua was hoping to get a horse, but they settled on getting two dogs instead. After doing some research, the couple decided they wanted a breed that was known for getting along well with young children.

Ralphie and Boss joined their family soon after. They are both Newfoundlands. The family’s three little boys have developed an adorable, brotherly bond with the two pups. Introducing pets to young family members is an important step and, luckily for the Fishers, the bond was instant and the boys — all five of them — have been getting along since.

Ralphie and Boss are no ordinary dogs. Not only are they great babysitters for their human brothers, but they also have another amazing trait. They can grow to be six feet from nose to tail! Fortunately, the Fishers have documented their gentle giants’ bond with the young boys.

worlds biggest babysitters

Meet the Fishers, an adorable, young family from Long Beach, CA. After deciding against getting a horse, the family chose to add two bear-sized dogs to the family. Their names are Ralphie and Boss.

worlds biggest babysitters

The Fishers specifically researched and chose two Newfoundlands due to their calm, loving nature. But surprisingly, this breed can grow up to six feet from nose to tail and can weigh over 270 lbs!

worlds biggest babysitters

When the couple first saw a full-grown Newfoundland, they were shocked.

“We didn’t realize how big they were in-person until we went to get Ralphie from the breeders,” said Bee Fisher, according to the Daily Mail.

worlds biggest babysitters

The kids, Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan, are absolutely fascinated with their furry brothers’ sizes. Ralphie tips the scale at 125 pounds, and Boss is a whopping 160 pounds.

The dogs allow the kids to poke, prod and lay all over them.

worlds biggest babysitters

“They are sweet and loving,” Joshua Fisher said. “It shows in our photos they are truly lapping dogs. They are gentle giants and we can take them anywhere.”

No matter where the family goes, crowds of people typically approach them to check out their giant pets. They’re like local celebrities!

worlds biggest babysitters

The Fishers say the only downside to having such huge dogs? The drool!

“They slobber on work clothes — they shake their heads and it goes flying everywhere,” said Joshua. “We have to keep emergency towels around the house and their hair gets everywhere. It can be crazy, but it is worth it.”

worlds biggest babysitters

Ralphie and Boss love their little human brothers and their lovable nature makes them the best furry babysitters around!

You can follow the Fisher family’s adventures on Instagram.

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