Police Arrived To Arrest Him And Were Astonished Upon Seeing Animals Packed In Boxes

The mortality rate for captured slow lorises is extremely high. Some experts estimate that for every one that lives, four die in the process, or traded due to inhumane treatment.

Luckily, when the IAR rescued the 26 lorises, they all seemed to be in relatively good health, other than some dehydration and eye problems, which was surprising given the poor conditions in which they were kept.

Another surprising factor, they still have their teeth intact. Many animal traders forcibly remove the animals’ teeth to make them easier to handle.

Workers believe that their rehabilitation efforts should be relatively easy.  They believe that all of the slow lorises are considered good candidates to be sent back into their natural habitat.

While this group of is extremely lucky, all five species of slow lorises are in trouble.  Experts believe that they could begin disappearing within the next five years if more drastic action isn’t taken to save them.

Organizations like the IAR and others are working with law enforcement officers worldwide to figure out how to curb the online animal trade.  The slow lorises are just some of the many victims.

Many animal activists are confident that new law enforcement strategies and increasing awareness about these animals’ plight is making a difference.

It’s astonishing just how big a problem the illegal online animal trading really is. It’s up to all of us to do what we can to make sure no more creature like slow lorises suffer because of it!


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