Rather Than Spend $15,000 On German Shepherds, Police Adopt Rescue Pit Bulls For The Job

Meet Phantom and Sarah, two rescue pit bulls that have just become K-9 dogs for North Carolina’s Clay County Sheriff’s Office.

This police department took it upon themselves to give these gorgeous pups a chance to do great things for their community and change negative stereotypes about their breed.

police pit bulls

Pit bulls are a breed that are been given a bad reputation in the media. In the US, they are #1 on the list to be euthanized. Like any breed, there is good and bad.  This shows is that it really comes down to nurture over nature. Not only does this give these pups a second chance at life, it also happens to be saving taxpayers money.

“The two foundations have taken on the mission to show that Departments do not need to spend $15-$20,000 for a purebred German shepherd or Belgian Malinois to search and find illegal drugs, at the same time giving dogs destined for a life in a shelter or euthanasia a second chance at life serving Law Enforcement Officers and Departments around the country,” they released in a statement.

police pit bulls

We hope that police department all over the country are interested in saving money and providing a purposeful and happy life to many willing rescue dogs.

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