Puppy Is Dumped By Owners At The Shelter For Not Being “Perfect”

Pet abandonment is one of the biggest problems in the world and sadly the animals most affected by this are dogs.

Sometimes the cause is unavoidable and owners may be faced with no choice at all except to give up their dogs.

Many times, these dogs end up in shelters with the hope of being rescued.
Pet abandonment

Some owners have trivial reasons like getting too old, or sick and costing too much in vet bills. The list of excuses is never ending.
Pet abandonment

This adorable white dog is a perfect example of this. She was abandoned just because she had a defect on one of her front paws.

Love Leo Rescue, a small rescue organization based in LA and run by Sasha Rose, rescued this beautiful puppy. This incredible organization a gave Clementine, the important medical attention that she required.

Pet abandonment

The surgeons have reported that Clementine is recuperating quickly and that both surgeries were successful. Clementine can now look forward to being adopted and hopes to have a home of her own very soon. The doctors say that she has to have that pin removed first and be certified as fit before Love Leo Rescue will let her go.


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