Cop Leaves His Cruiser Door Open, Returns To Find Surprise Passenger Waiting For Him…

Patrolman Lavigne picked up not one, but two stray dogs in his patrol car. Before the officer took the pups to the local shelter, he took a quick selfie with them that went viral.  Because of his post, both pups were returned to their grateful families.

Recently,  Deputy Hammell was returning to his car after a call.  He noticed a new co-pilot in his passenger seat. Curled up and comfortable, sat a black lab named Ruger, waiting for him to return.

lost dog

While Hammell was investigating a call, he left the door open on his cruiser, which allowed the lost pup to get inside. The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department posted these pictures.

lost dog

“Ruger had made himself comfortable while Dispatch located his owner’s address from the information listed on his collar. He fell fast asleep in the warm patrol car as his owners were located.”

lost dog

Ruger was happy to get home to his owners, but the sweet pup had fun riding along with Deputy Hammell!


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