Dog Barely Surviving In Eight Foot Floodwaters When A Hero Arrives

While navigating the rising water in Baton Rouge, one man lost his precious dog, Sadie. He was trying to escape when she panicked and was lost in the water.

Meanwhile, an area man Josh Pettit was helping neighbors and strangers as they needed assistance. While doing so, he was documenting what he sees.

He heard some rustling in the bushes and was curious to find out what was hiding there. That is when he found Sadie, barely treading water.

She was exhausted and on the verge of giving up. Josh and his friends rescued her and pulled her onto their boat.

Sadie was eventually returned to her relieved owner thanks to Josh and his friends!

hero rescues drowning dog

Josh Pettit was surveying the damage done by floodwaters in the Baton Rouge when he came across a terrible sight

hero rescues drowning dog

There was a dog barely hanging on for dear life, completely submerged under 8 feet of water.

hero rescues drowning dog

He wrote on Facebook: “Baton Rouge got flash floods this morning going from dry land to 8 feet of water in people’s houses within [two] hours! Extremely bad situation. Out the corner of my eye, I [saw] a bush shaking! This is all I saw! Eyes and nose barely above water. She could barely tread water anymore. She was so worn out and had the saddest eyes I ever seen, so scared for her life!”

hero rescues drowning dog

After we saved her, she laid her head on my lap, and cried and moaned like a big baby! She was thanking me.

I thank God for letting me find her. We handed her over to a rescue vet and his animals, and she went with them to dry land.

hero rescues drowning dog

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