X-Ray Shows Exactly How A Hamster Is Able To Fit So Much Food Into Their Tiny Cheeks

Have you ever wondered exactly what’s going on inside of those teeny-tiny heads and mini-mouths of hamsters as they consume those great big meals?

Well, a recent BBC documentary answers those questions by taking you inside of a hamster’s mouth via x-ray.
hamster xray

The documentary, called Pets Wild At Heart, is narrated by David Tennant, and in it he explains that hamsters come fully equipped with built-in food storage compartments – unbelievably malleable and elastic like cheek pouches that stretch all the way down to their hips.

These adorable little rodents also have the fascinating ability to turn off their saliva glands. This means that the food they have stored will be preserved longer so that they can eat it whenever they crave a little snack. This could explain why hamsters are frowned upon at the local all you can eat buffet restaurants!


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