2-Year-Old Boy Found Freezing Outside, Local Dog Is The Reason He Even Survived…

Siberian winters are truly one of the most ruthless on Earth. When a 2-year-old boy was abandoned on a porch for two entire days, he was forced to endure temperatures as low as -5°F at night. The child had no food or water, and there wasn’t much hope that he would survive for very long.

He was rescued by a heroic dog that refused to leave his side.

A 2-year-old boy had been abandoned on a porch in the middle of Siberia. He was left without food or water, and his chances of survival were nearly nonexistent.

freezing child rescue

Lucky for this little boy, neighbors discovered him on the second day. He was barely alive, thanks to the heroic actions of a local dog.

freezing child rescue

The dog had curled up next to the boy keeping his small body warm until help arrived. Although the boy suffered from acute hypothermia, he recovered quickly. Has this dog not been there, it may have been a very different outcome.

freezing child rescue

The boy’s mother returned a couple of days after he was rescued.  She is now facing prison time for deliberately abandoning her child. 


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