Tiny Dog Clings To Life After Being Sealed In A Tub And Tossed In A Dumpster

I recently got a text message from one of my best friends saying she had just adopted a small kitten. My joy for her, though, quickly turned bittersweet when she told me how she found the poor thing: Someone tossed her out of their window while driving on a busy highway.

As heartbreaking as that is to imagine the sweet girl going through, I’m just glad my friend was in the right place to help the cutie. The same can be said for the folks from Friends Of Emma, a private rescue home, who took in the precious face in the clip below.

The petite pup was found sealed inside a plastic tub and then throw into an apartment complex dumpster. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about how terrified she must have been, but she was thankfully rushed to an emergency veterinarian facility.

That’s when they realized that Evie, as she was soon named, was not only suffering dehydration, seizures, and several neurological issues, but she had also recently given birth.

Unfortunately, after receiving round-the-clock treatment from the veterinarians, they claimed there was nothing else they could do to help her and said she would “never be a functional dog.”

Refusing to give up on the precious girl, Friends Of Emma took her home and continued to fight for her health.

Take a look below to see how Evie transformed over the months with love and care.

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