Father And His Son Save 40 Dogs Left Behind During Texas Flood

Citizens in Brazoria, Texas were warned in advance about extreme flooding caused by rising rivers, according to Redditer “DUSTYHAM.”

Unfortunately, many family dogs were left behind amid the chaos—but that doesn’t mean they were alone.


DUSTYHAM’s dad and younger brother took it upon themselves to save as many of these abandoned pups as possible. The post reads, “They made several trips and saved about 40 dogs,” and the father reports that waters in his bayou home had become unbelievably high.


The dogs were taken to a temporary shelter organized by the local humane society, where they will remain safe and taken care of until their owners return or they find foster or adoptive homes.


The SPCA of Brazoria County writes on Facebook:

“Thanks to an outpouring of support from our community, we are in good shape right now on almost all supplies at the SPCA-BC. We are sending them out to other locations as needed. What we need still need right now is bath towels and lightweight blankets. We cannot use pillows, heavy blankets or comforters since they are too bulky to wash.”

The shelter is also requesting monetary donations to purchase vaccines, medications and veterinary supplies, and fuel for transportation vehicles.


They urge anyone searching for their pet to be patient and be sure to check nearby shelters and the Brazoria County fairgrounds, and to continue checking for updates on the SPCA’s Facebook page. They will continue to add more photos of the dogs soon.


An album of the pups rescued thus far (which is still growing) can be found on Facebook.

The effort put forth by this animal-loving duo is simply heartwarming. Thank you to you both, and to the community members, shelter workers, and volunteers who will always do what is right by their people and animals.


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