Their Dog Refused To Leave A Spot In Their Yard, Then They See His Discovery…

Opie was a typical puppy who was playful, energetic, and lovable! However, this puppy turned out to be a real hero!

While Opie was running around behind his apartment building in a field, he discovered something that his owners could not believe. In the field, under a log and covered in maggots, was a helpless little kitten crying for help. Opie would not leave his side.

After Opie got the attention of his owner, they came and rescued Roscoe. They immediately returned to the apartment and gave Roscoe a nice warm bath. Then they brought him to an emergency vet.

dog discovers injured kitten

The vet said that Roscoe was about two days old but was a strong little fighter.

When Roscoe was 10 days old, he opened his eyes and drank milk from a syringe like a champ. His recovery was amazing and definitely loved his new home. He would cuddle with his new owner and then crawl back into his nesting box, and fall asleep.

dog discovers injured kitten

Roscoe and Opie loved to cuddle and play together!

dog discovers injured kitten

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