Little Dachshund Is A Hero After Saving Two Children From A Bear Attack

Two young boys have a most unlikely hero to thank, as a little wiener dog is being credited with saving them from the clutches of a ferocious black bear.

The boys Nikita Nikonov, 12, and Stas Nagornov, 8, from Russia were walking home from the store when they were approached by a black bear, reported the Siberian Times. They tried to run, but the bear grabbed Nagornov, flung him to the ground and began mauling him.

Nikonov, who was afraid for his friend’s life, picked up a rock and threw it at the animal’s head, who then went after him. As the bear was tearing at Nikonov, a Dachshund showed up and started barking at the bear. (The paper wasn’t clear on who owned the dog.)

The dog, named Tosya, disappeared into the woods with the bear in hot pursuit. Tosya later returned to her home, and fortunately, she wasn’t injured! The bear, who’s been seen before in the village searching for food, was later caught.

Both boys were treated for injuries ranging from cuts and scratches to bruises and bites. Nikonov, was commended for his bravery, but his mother insists that Tosya was “the real savior.”

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