How To Bathe A Cat!

Most cats HATE bath time! Here are some tips that can help make cat bathing time as stress-free as possible for cats AND humans! If you have any other tips and/or advice please leave them in the comments section! — And if your cat is extra feisty, consider wearing cat bathing gloves.

Cole and Marmalade are inside cats and personally I don’t think they need to be bathed if they don’t go outside, cats are very clean and groom themselves constantly…. Fortunately, we only had to bathe them when we first rescued them and they had fleas, but other than that we just use cat wipes every so often if they’re dirty.

But cats that go outside may need to be bathed every once in a while or even inside cats that have made a mess of themselves while using the litter box and cat wipes just aren’t going to get the job done!

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