Puppy Who Was Born Blind Doesn’t Let Disability Hinder Her Goals To Be Service Dog

Rosie is a sweet six-week-old golden retriever puppy who loves to play outside. But when Rosie was only two-weeks-old, Rosie’s eyes remained closed.

Judy Essman, Rosie’s owner, took her to see a veterinarian. They learned that Rosie had an infection that caused her to be born blind. This was the first time in the 13 years of breeding that Essman had a puppy born without their eyesight.

“At about three to four weeks old they begin walking around, playing, going outside,” she said. “But Rosie would stumble into the water dish or bump her head into things. It was really hard for me at first to let her test by trial and error, but she has to learn or she will be dependent on me for the rest of her life.”

Despite not being able to see, Rosie does let her disability stop her from doing great things. Rosie is currently in training for a very big role: to be a future service dog.

“Rosie is very outgoing and loves people, which is an absolute must in order to be a therapy dog,” says Essman. Although it may take her a little longer to become certified to be a service dog, she is learning very quickly.

“Rosie is obviously not perfect, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a purpose and that she cant have a really great life and make a difference for other people.”

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