Dying Chocolate Lab Lives Longer Than Expected And Takes The Trip Of A Lifetime

When we welcome a pet into our family, that furry, fluffy, or feathery friend becomes dearer to us than words can express. Like any member of our family, we seem to believe that they’ll be around forever, whenever we need them.

But sadly, this is not the case. Most likely, in our lifetime, one or more of our pets will pass away, as their life expectancy is not as great as a human’s. It hurts to think about, but all we can do is enjoy the moments spent with them.

One former Marine is doing just that.

Robert Krugler’s chocolate lab, Bella, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. One of the pup’s legs was amputated because the cancer was causing her pain, but it had unfortunately spread to her lungs.

A vet gave Bella three to six months to live.

So Krugler decided to give his best friend of nine years the gift of a lifetime: a cross-country trip. On this trip, the pair would see so many spectacular sights, and appreciate the remaining time they have left together.

It’s been 14 months since Bella’s diagnosis, and she and Krugler are still traveling. He knows that her time is almost up, but the veteran knows that he’s at least given them the time they need to be together for just a little longer.

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