Bear And Cat Have An Unusual Companionship At The Zoo That Truly Fascinates Visitors

At California’s Folsom City Zoo, one of their long-standing animal exhibits, has become extra special. The non-profit sanctuary houses over 20 species, including their newest cat, “Little Bear.” Little Bear isn’t a tiger, a lion, or a leopard, but rather a common, domesticated house cat.

The zoo’s caretakers gave the little black cat her new moniker after she became a fixture at the zoo’s bear exhibit. The brave feline started sniffing around the pen, sneaking nibbles of the dog food the caretakers spread out for their bears every morning. After a while, the caretakers started leaving out cat food just for their new neighbor.

Visitors are shocked to find the two relaxing side-by-side in the shade together, but it’s clear there’s no bad blood between these two furry friends.


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