There’s Nothing Cuter Than These Sleepy Newborn Pugs

Just like human babies, puppies spend most of their time sleeping — and it’s usually pretty adorable.

With a whimsical nighttime melody playing in the background, six teeny tiny pug puppies lay in a row and blissfully fall fast asleep on their backs. They all twitch as they drift slowly off and begin to have a sweet dream. The one cute pug on the end even sticks his tiny tongue out and is so irresistibly cute. He is so zonked out that he has no idea his tongue is hanging out and flapping with each baby breath.

By the looks of it, these pugs will sleep anywhere, like this gentle giant who loves his tiny dog bed, especially after an afternoon of playtime together. Have you ever seen anything this sweet?!

The old saying “let sleeping dogs lie” definitely started for a reason, as you can see with these cute canines who just can’t get enough Z’s.

If you love dogs, this video is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. But be warned: It might make you want to curl up for a nap of your own.

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