When Bullies Push 5-Year-Old To The Ground, His Cat Has Surprising Response…

While Ethan Fenton and his brother were playing outside, a group of boys started to gang up on him. Ethan, who is only five-years-old, was pushed to the ground by one of the bigger boys.

Ethan’s mother, Sarah, was about to step in when she saw a flash of fur leap into action.

Ethan’s cat, Smudge, pounced on the chest of one of the bigger boys to defend Ethan.  The bullies were so shocked, they ran away crying.

protective cat

“I heard them shout Ethan’s name twice, but he ignored them,” said Sarah, “but then they shouted him again and then one of the boys got in Ethan’s face and said, ‘Oi! Why are you ignoring me?’ and pushed him over.”

According to Sarah, Smudge dashed out from underneath the car and pounced on one of the older boys. Everyone was stunned, but she and Ethan were so grateful for Smudge’s quick action.

“He has never done anything like that before but it was absolutely brilliant seeing him look out for Ethan like that,” Sarah added. “He has slept outside his bedroom keeping guard ever since it happened.”

protective cat
Hooray for Smudge!

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