This Mop Dog Just Won Halloween And People Can’t Get Enough Of Him

Most people have never heard of a puli dog. In fact, they look so unique that I bet most people wouldn’t be able to guess what one looks like.

These shaggy dogs have a hairstyle similar to dreadlocks and are also known as mop dogs.

The American Kennel Club states that:

Compact, vigorous, and alert, the Puli is a tough-as-nails herding dog, able to perform its duties across any terrain. The Puli coat is wavy or curly and naturally clumps together into wooly “cords,” which protects them from harsh weather.

One of these adorable pups recently turned heads by embracing her mop-like appearance and dressing up as a mop dog.

For pets, Halloween costumes are a fun way to get in the spirit of things. But there’s no doubt that being dressed up is another level altogether!

At a Paw-Rade in Covington, Kentucky, the sweet dog named Keki was blissfully rolled down Main Street in her owner’s bucket.


mop dog

Keki the mop dog got to relax in a bucket instead of running down the street in a stuffy costume.

That’s right, she dressed up as a mop.

mop dog

The people were amazed by Keki’s costume, and they instantly fell in love with her.

Look how cute she is!

mop dog

The photos of Keki the mop dog were so popular that people couldn’t contain their excitement.

Her charm was so infectious that it not only won over the crowd but also ended up spreading across social media.

A man wrote, “Wow 12/10.”

mop dog

People were confused if there was actually a dog inside of the bucket and they couldn’t tell what it looked like.

“The video wasn’t playing and I couldn’t tell if it was a real dog,” One guy wrote.

mop dog

Another person wrote, “I’m crying tears of joy”

Many other people with puli dogs were excited to recreate this costume for their pups.

mop dog

A woman wrote, “Omg this is so fresh”

The best part of Keki’s costume is just how happy she looks.

mop dog

“I can’t get over the tongue,” said one woman.

“I’ve never seen a better Halloween costume in my life,” another one wrote.

mop dog

One woman even wrote a poem about Keki the mop dog on Twitter. It says:

My name is mop
I am not a dog
Please dip me in
The soapy sog

I wish to clean
Your messy floor
I am not a dog
I’m mop for sure

mop dog

A source close to Keki said that the pup enjoyed her moment in the spotlight and loved all of the attention she received.

mop dog

If only it were as easy to summon a visit from “Mop Dog” as falling in love with her. After all, our hearts could always use some scrubbing by such a good pup!

Would you dress your dog up in a costume as cute as this mop dog?

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