When A Moose Collapses In Parking Lot, People Realize She’s In Labor

In Anchorage, AK, mall shoppers were treated to a rare and beautiful scene.  A scene that lasted close to nine hours.

While shoppers were walking through a Lowe’s parking lot, they had to make a short detour to get to their cars, but many stopped to admire a mother moose giving birth to her calf.

moose giving birth

The moose picked the odd spot to give birth and stayed there until her newborn calf was up on his feet.

Lowe’s employees fenced off the area so as not to spook the moose and keep her safe.  The individuals who paused to admire the scene respectfully stayed their distance.

Parents in the crowd took the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to teach their children about the beauty of wildlife and the miracle of birth.

After nine long hours, mother and child were able to make their way out of the parking lot.

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