Owner Cannot Stop Laughing When His Horse Exhibits This Hilarious Behavior

Diamond, a stunning sorrel mare, had a very mellow personality. She always had a sense of timidness about her, yet an air of confidence around the other horses.

Horse begins exhibiting hilarious behavior

Dusty, a red roan gelding, is a high-strung, vibrant ball of energy. He gets excited about everything in life and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

This beautiful guy named Root has a fun-loving personality as well. His owner has so many stories to tell about his quirky companion, especially one in particular. A new talent that Root has developed.

Horse begins exhibiting hilarious behavior

While many horses bring giggles galore with their wide-mouthed yawns, Root takes mouth tricks to a whole new level! As soon as his owner begins recording, Root starts smacking his lips.

Root began his smacking ritual during his bath time. According to his owner, “He’s an ex-racehorse, and they sometimes have funny behaviors. It’s probably like a person tapping a foot, twirling her hair, or some other absent-minded gesture.”

Check out his silly antics in the video below. Have you ever seen a horse do something like this before?


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