Equine Animals Now Have Hope With Broken Legs

Sometimes, the actions of neglectful owners can sometimes cost animals their lives. It is horrible to think that someone would take an animal into his or her care and then just neglect them altogether. Bella, the donkey, experienced that firsthand when her neglectful owners left her out in the cold, and she got frostbite.

Luckily, she was rescued and brought in for medical treatment. That is when they suggested that she be euthanized. However, they did not like that answer and decided to have her leg amputated instead. The Hanger Clinic in Wyoming provided Bella with an artificial limb. She may need more limbs in the future as she grows, but for now, she can move around just like any other donkey.

equine with broken legs
equine with broken legs

The hope is that they’ll be able to develop a leg in the future that moves and bends but can still support Bella’s weight as she grows.

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