This Dog’s Reaction When They Bring Home A New Puppy Is Hilarious

MaedayMaeday, an Imgur user, posted a few photos of his hilariously expressive Husky.  He obviously is not thrilled to be sharing all of the attention with his furry new family member.

“He loves his new sister,” reads the caption.

One commenter called HailToUltron jokingly noted, “That’s the look of an only child being usurped by the new kid.”

Llook as this unimpressed pup, tries his best to ignore his absolutely adorable new sister:

…and the pup’s attempts at being affectionate.

Looks as though this new “sibling thing” is going to take some getting used to.

This is exactly what the “oldest child” acts like when the new baby comes home.  We’re pretty sure it didn’t take long before the two became the best of friends!

His expressions tell you exactly what’s going on in that brain.

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