Loyal Brother Dog Refuses To Leave Injured Sister After She Gets Stuck On Railroad Tracks

We know that the bond between man and dog is strong, but what about the bond between dog and dog? Specifically, a brother and sister dog?

In the video below, you will see the unbreakable strength of that bond, and the lengths siblings would go to for each other.

When a female dog is stuck on the railroad tracks for two days, her brother refused to leave her side.

In this incredible footage,  the train runs over the dogs, but the brother protectively lies over his sister, and they survived. He kept her warm and brought her food for two days until the pair could be rescued.

The person filming the dogs could not help them due to the male dog’s protective nature. He would react aggressively and start biting anyone, to keep his sister safe.

Thankfully, the dogs were rescued in the end. They are now happy and healthy once again.


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