Mama Dog Tragically Lost Her Puppies In Barn Fire, Nurses A Litter Of Orphans

Jessica Woodruff suffered the unspeakable when her barn in Roseberg, Oregon, caught fire. The fire took the lives of four goats and a pig and on top of that, her beloved dog Daisy, a Great Pyrenees, and Border Collie mix lost her litter of 3-week-old puppies. She thinks the fire was started by a heat lamp keeping the litter warm.

Poor Daisy was distraught over the loss of her puppies. “She’s just been so sad and so heartbroken,” said Jessica Woodruff. “She just goes down to the barn and just sits there and tries to look for them still. She has quit eating.”

Jessica knew she needed to do something to help Daisy. So she posted on Facebook looking for any foster puppies that Daisy could care for.

dog nurses orphaned puppies

Only an hour away, Lorna Murphy’s beloved Border Collie, Chloe, died in surgery trying to give birth to two puppies. She had already delivered 8 puppies and went in for emergency surgery. After losing Chloe, Murphy was in a dire situation having to care for the tiny puppies. “We started feeding every 2 hours around the clock. It was exhausting,”  Murphy said. “Everybody pitched in to help.”

“It was a terrible first few days of mourning the loss of Chloe and trying to feed eight puppies with a 3-milliliter syringe,” says Murphy’s daughter, Deanna Murphy-Vest. “The puppies needed feeding every two hours around the clock. With eight puppies it seemed like by the time you were done feeding them all, it was time to start over.” That’s where Daisy came in…


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