Pet Owl Comes When Called By Owner

This baby owl loves its owner and runs over from the other room when called. How cool is that?

The love of pets towards their owners is something very pleasant and unexplainable. In this video, you can see how a beautiful owl hears the call of its owner and flies towards it. There is no doubt that owls are very intelligent and expressive birds, they can understand their owners and accompany them in their days of adventures.

Anyone who loves birds will be fascinated to see how an owl flies towards its owner’s call and looks very happy while doing it. It is very nice to see how an owl can feel strong emotions towards its owners, can perceive mutual love. The owl recognizes the owner call while flying since it even sees himself running very fast to respond as soon as possible to the call of its owner, maybe it knows there is a comfy hug awaiting.

Owls are nocturnal birds, that is why they have a very well-developed sense of hearing, they can hear sounds that people can not, in addition to doing it at very long distances and in unexpected situations. The good ears of the owls allow them to hunt animals and insects at night, some claim that their houses are kept much cleaner from the moment they acquired an owl as a pet, maybe it is a possible solution for such problems. Besides that, they are extremely faithful to their owners.

There is something curious about owls: that they are birds that can be found almost anywhere in the world. They are also birds that can survive different types of climates due to the protection provided by their feathers, besides having very striking colors and having a heart-shaped face.

Something very different from other birds is that owls can have different sizes according to their gender, they also have a very slow reproductive cycle compared to other birds, but they are always able to remember where they live and where they left their eggs. Owls return home no matter how far they have flown. This characteristic of good memory allows them to remember who their owners are, regardless of the time they have spent without seeing them, you could say they are animals capable of remembering anything, maybe that is why they appear in many movies as very wise birds and that has lasted for many years.

The films and animated series are responsible for making people feel a great attraction for birds, especially those that have an unusual appearance, as is the case of owls, the taste for birds is something that has been happening for many years. years. years. years. From another point of view, now you can acquire more knowledge and attraction towards them thanks to television and the Internet.

Maybe we should all have an owl in our homes to keep it clean from some intruders that we find unpleasant, have a pet to care for and give love is something that would give us great satisfaction every day.

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