Caretaker Approaches Chimpanzees She Worked With 18 Years Ago, Didn’t Expect This Kind Of Reunion…

Famous animal behavior researcher Linda Koebner helped two laboratory chimpanzees transition to a life outside of bars, then left them to live their lives in a sanctuary where the chimps could live a more normal life. In the documentary “Wisdom of the Wild,” Koebner returns to check on her old friends, unsure if they would welcome her home after all these years.

Koebner was just a grad student when she began helping the chimps transition from their traumatic life inside cages to free and open space. They were unsure if the chimps would be able to transition into this new life, but Koebner coaxed the chimps to leave their cages. Over the next four years, she helped them with their successful transition.

Below is a clip from the documentary “Wisdom of the Wild,” you will see the incredible reunion of Koebner and two of the chimps she worked with, Doll and Swing. Koebner calls their names from the boat, and her two old friends are there eagerly waiting for her on shore. Their first touches and embraces show the magnitude of good Koebner’s work did in rehabilitating the chimps. It also showcases their human-like memory and compassion for a dear friend.

chimpanzee caretaker reunion

This incredible video shows more than a reunion, it highlights the emotional intelligence of these amazing creatures.

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