Dog Was Chained Up In The Cold For 4 Years, Finally Gets Life He Deserves

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that nearly 1 million animals are abused or killed each year. Dog abuse is an epidemic in the world. Animal rights groups, such as Animal Advocates, is only one of many nonprofit organizations working to fight against animal cruelty.  

This is the story of Diesel.
dog abuse

Diesel, is a dog from the Yukon,who spent four years of his life chained up outside!  He spent nights outside during the harsh northern winters where temperatures could reach -40 degrees below zero. Animal Advocates found Diesel in the most horrifying condition.  He had been kicked in the face by a horse, breaking his teeth and splitting his tongue, as well as sporting a very deep shoulder wound caused by another dog. In the photo above, you can see the dried blood and ice stuck in his mangy fur.

Diesel would sit up alternating between paws to keep one warm at a time. Animal Advocates said, Diesel’s owner wanted to shoot him as they had gotten tired of caring for the dog. Thankfully, Diesel was handed over to Animal Advocates instead of being killed.
dog abuse

Shortly after, Diesel was flown out of the Yukon and sent straight to a vet where he was able to get the medical attention he so badly needed. Veterinarians not only neutered Diesel and even removed a tumor.

Once Diesel was placed in foster care, they found out that Diesel was actually an incredibly friendly dog, even calling him a “teddy bear”. Despite being shy around other people and especially other dogs, Diesel finally began to warm up and show just what a sweet, loving dog he is.
dog abuse

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