Therapy Dog Helps Once Lifeless Child Miraculously Recover

Caleb Howard, a 6-year old boy was involved in a head-on car accident left him with a traumatic brain injury and numerous broken bones. His heartbroken parents were told by the doctors they weren’t sure how quickly he’d be able to recover from the tragic incident. In fact, they even doubted he’d make it at all.

It was suggested that Caleb get a therapy animal. When they introduced Colonel, a dog to Caleb, that marked the turning point for Caleb’s recovery. The video below follows Caleb and Colonel’s journey together. The relationship between the two is so strong that Caleb’s family gradually believed that Caleb’s recovery was imminent.

Colonel helped Caleb find excitement and joy in life and Caleb made huge strides in his recovery, thus proving the power of therapy animals.


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