Acrobatic Dog Tried His Best To Escape The Shelter, Until He Was Adopted

The Humane Society of North Texas sees a lot of dogs, but they’ve never had a dog that was as good at escaping the pens as this dog. His acrobatic prowess is the reason he was taken in to the Humane Society.

When he was first rescued he had severe injuries around his neck from the collar that had been put on too tightly. Once the collar was cut off, the dog was recovering in the kennels when the volunteers discovered he had a strange habit. Frankie, the Pitt Bull mix, loves to climb. He didn’t like being trapped in a kennel, so he showed these people how he escaped their cages: right over the top!

acrobat dog

acrobat dog

The Humane Society has had to put a ceiling on his kennel until his forever family adopted him!  Luckily, his new family is totally in love with him and he stays on the ground!


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