Russian Family Has A 300lb Pet Bear And You Have To See Their Interactions For Yourself…

Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko, a Russian family keeps a 300 lb. grizzly bear as a family pet! This gentle giant is right at home and is seen interacting with the family in a variety of settings.
300 pound bear Stepan, a brown grizzly, is 23 years old, and has been with the Panteleenkos since he was just a cub of 3 months old. He was found orphaned, and they took him and domesticated him before he had a chance to develop a feral nature.He now appears to be as much a part of family life as any other pet would be.
300 pound bear Stepan appears to have a very gentle nature as he interacts with Svetlana and Yuriy. He is clearly a valued member of this loving family. He enjoys rolling around in the grass with Yuriy, and engaging in a little bit of play roughhousing. Stepan is seen eating at the dinner table, and relaxing by the sofa with his family for a night in enjoying a little TV. Stepan’s diet consists largely of fish, vegetables and eggs, and he consumes over 50 pounds of food a day.

Check out this video to see the incredible interaction between Stepan and his family!


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