The clip, posted to YouTube last week, screams photo-op at the expense of the frustrated tiger.

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In the video, a woman is seen sitting at the edge of the enclosure, her back turned to the glass while a tiger slowly creeps closer. Giggles can be heard in the background, as the baited animal edges ever closer.

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And when the woman turns to face the animal, he pounces — only, of course, to be rebuffed by reinforced glass.


As Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA, told The Dodo last week, it’s only natural for big cats to see humans as prey. What isn’t natural for these cats, of course, is being repelled by a seemingly invisible glass wall. In fact, there’s nothing natural about a big cat in captivity.vHaving humans treating them like thrill rides at an amusement park can only deepen an animal’s despair. Yet we see it happen again and again.

Please, don’t bait the tigers. Captivity isn’t the only thing unnatural about this big cat. To read about the truth behind white tigers, click here.

Watch the full video below and see the excitement!


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