These Are The Effects On A Zoo From A Country In A War Zone

After a war swept through their country, these animals were left to die.

The Taiz Zoo in located in Yemen.  They have reported 281 animals that have been abandoned, left starving and dying of thirst and dehydration.  They included 20 lions, 26 leopards, crocodiles, monkeys, birds, and several others breeds of animals.


Fortunately an international team made of animal supporters have banded together to get the help these desperate animals needed.

Chantal Jonkergouw tells us about a local man named Hisham AlHoot that has been responsible for feeding the starving animals and a Swedish woman is in charge of organizing the help from the people in Yeman by using social media, Facebook.  The page is  SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue.


Here is a photo of AlHoot trying to bring awareness of the desperate condition these animals are in.


Sadly 11 lions and 6 leopards have died.  The lions that are still alive are emaciated and very ill with one that has a bone exposed.

war sore

We know of two newborn cubs and several other animals that are reportedly pregnant.

One of the most devastating photos are of a male leopard that was so starved that he ate his dead mate for survival.


This photo show the fifthly, murky water this crocodile lives in.

was croc

An additional challenge is the zoo is located in the middle of the active was zone, which makes it even more difficult to get help into the zoo.

“Today should have been the day where Hisham and the vet should have treated the lion with human antibiotics,” she said on Thursday.  “According to Hisham, they noticed irregularities upon arrival at the zoo and found it too risky to move closer. We have no details on what actually happened in the area.”


On the up side, there are signs of hope!  AlHoot obtained a license and six zoo workers are being paid to return to the facility to work.

The zoo is staying afloat with a meager  budget of just $330 per day, which allows for meat for the predators every third day and doesn’t include medication.


They have received two money transfers that allowed them to purchase food and water for hte animlas.  But the huge task has not immediate solution, they are in the middle of a war zone!

So for now, these animals survival depends on the people around the world who have been touched and made contribution and mostly the people who are risking their lives each time they come to the “WAR  ZONE ZOO.”


You can follow these struggling animals on the team’s Facebook page.  You can make a donation to buy food and medicine for the animals, you can do so here.


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