This Is Called “The World’s Saddest Zoo, ” And Something Must Be Done About It Immediately.

Most zoos around the world do more than just provide entertainment for the visitors. Of course they’re known for their exhibits open to the public, but modern zoos also conduct research and help preserve endangered species. But in the Armenian town of Gyumri, there is a zoo that is unlike any others and for all the wrong reasons.

Founded by an Armenian billionaire, this private zoo was later abandoned by its owner overnight.  All the animals left in their cages to perish. It’s now called ‘the world’s saddest zoo,’ and you’re about to see why.

This zoo, once owned by a wealthy Armenian, was abandoned overnight when he lost his fortune.

sad zoo

Hovhamnes and Alvina Madoyan, a local couple, have taken it upon themselves to care for the many animals that were abandoned inside their cages.


They relied on donations to purchase supplies for making a thick rice gruel that keeps the animals alive, for now.  But it doesn’t do much more than that.


Sometimes, Hovhamnes goes to the woods or a local pond to try and procure fresh meat for the bears, but he is not always so lucky. 


The abandoned animals are in desperate need of help.  Their health is failing. 


The animals are kept in horrible conditions.


When Hovhamnes and Alvina Madoyan found the zoo, it was just after they both lost their jobs.  They were drawn by the cries of the lioness and her cubs, who were about to die from dehydration.


The couple has moved into a shed near the zoo, to be closer to the animals they are helping.


The zoo houses three adult brown bears.  Masha and Grisha are molting and desperate. Mary, pictured here, is the matriarch, and the sadness in her eyes is heart breaking. 


Mary is the mother to two cubs, Zita and Geeta.  They all need more help than this poor loving couple can provide. 


This lioness, collapsed in her cage, she was too exhausted to even roar.


The local authorities refuse to take responsibility for the abandoned animals.


Their negligent owner could not be found, and unless these animals get help soon, they might not survive the winter.


Winters in Armenia is exceptionally rough, and how these animals managed to survive until now is practically a miracle.  If you’d like to help them, visit the official GoFundMe page and consider making a small donation.


Please share this with your loved ones and fellow animal lovers to help bring awareness to the situation, and let’s try to help these poor animals.