A Few Things Your Dog Can See But You Can’t, It’s Amazing!


Most people know dogs can hear and smell things that humans can’t, but did you know there are things you can’t see that your dog can? Did you know dogs have the amazing ability to see ultraviolet light, their world is only “ruffly” the same as ours. Because pups can see UV rays, they see a whole lot more than you or I ever could.

Here are 11 things that make your dog’s world a bigger, brighter place than our own.

1. Banana spots

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While you see a loaf of banana nut bread, your dog sees something a tad more psychedelic: spots that glow blue. But will he eat a banana when it’s all spotty? This depends on how ripe he likes his bananas.

2. Black light anything


Tattoos, T-shirts, toys if it’s branded as “black light,” your dog doesn’t need a black light to see it.

3. Layers in paint


Your dog sees an artist’s every mistake and change of heart, again, because of his ability to see UV light. Maybe bring him along to the flea market next time and use his canine vision to help you spot real (and fake) masterpieces.

4. More of the night sky


One of the most incredible things for city folks to witness in the countryside is the night sky. There are so many more stars visible out there! (Stupid light pollution.) Yet your dog sees even more stars and celestial bodies right in the city than you do driving out to the sticks.

5. Security features in money


Your dog would can detect fake counterfeit money better than you can if he had any idea what to look for.

6. Human teeth


If you use a lot of fluoride based products, to him, it looks like your teeth are glowing. Ditto if you have dental prosthetics.

7. Quinine


To dogs, this extract glows blue because of ultraviolet light.

8. Lint and hairs


You know how you can pick up a sweater and not notice anything’s on it? But through out the  day, lint and pet hairs begin to surface. Well, your pooch knew those suckers were there all along because of his ability to see UV light and just didn’t tell you.

9. Pee marks


OK, obviously we can see a fresh puddle of pee on the floor or ground. What your dog sees is the residue left behind when pee hasn’t been fully cleaned from something.  That’s because urine stains also are on the UV wave length.

Really? Yeah, really. (Oh, and this one has nothing to do with UV light.)

10. Their own farts


Really? Yeah, really. (Oh, and this one has nothing to do with UV light.)

11. The Earth’s magnetic field


Your furry friend aligns himself with the north-south axis every time he pees. That’s because he can actually see the Earth’s magnetic field. Talk about metaphysical.


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