You Won’t Believe What They Are Making Purses Out Of

The remains of two Sumatran tiger cubs are worth 100 million rupiah, or $7,595 USD on the street.

tiger skin

Paul Hilton, is a wildlife photographer. He was recently in Indonesia and came face-to-face with Agus Salim, A man who was caught trying to trade the skin and bones of these rare animals, which are often crafted into cruel clutches and accessories.

tiger skin

Salim is just the middle man for a criminal mastermind and notorious wildlife trader known as Maskur, who could spell the extinction of the Sumatran tiger, sadly there are only about 300 Sumatran tigers left in the world.

We need to save them and it’s a race against time.

tiger skin

This is why Hilton is hurrying to get stories about the critically endangered tiger’s plight out into the world.

“Indonesia has already lost the Bali and Javan tiger, which were both hunted to extinction,” Hilton told The Dodo. “Without a serious overhaul of its present laws on wildlife crime, Indonesia can presume that the Sumatran tiger is in its dying days.”

tiger skin

“Supporting law enforcement is part of our strategy to ensure the Sumatran tiger and other protected species are safe from poaching,” Noviar Andayani, of the Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia, told Hilton. “This strategy needs cooperation and support from all sides; not only from law enforcers, such as the police department, and the Environment and Forest Ministry, but also from society itself.”

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