You Will Be Amazed What This Deputy Uses To Stop This Bull Dog From Bleeding To Death


North Carolina Master Deputy Gonnelli met a dog named Daisy. He met the  Bulldog, Daisy  while he was handling a domestic dispute case. Daisy is deaf, but she understands sign language. The deputy and dog instantly bonded. When Gonnelli left the home to continue on with his day, he thought he would never see Daisy again. Sadly, he did  and for the was a dire reason.


Hours later he went back to the residence on a cruelty to animals call. When he arrived, he saw another deputy arresting the suspect, Lorraine Villanueva. Then, he saw Daisy on the floor severely  bleeding from her throat. Lorraine had, allegedly, slashed the dog’s throat and killed her roommate’s Pit Bull.

Deputy Gonnelli rushed to Daisy’s side. He put his hands over the pup’s neck to slow the bleeding. Daisy remembered the deputy, because she calmed down once he was near her. He petted her and tried to soothe her until help arrived.

cop-and-bulldog (1)

Gonnelli accompanied Daisy to the animal hospital, but then he went to court to testify that Villanueva’s bond should be raised from $10,000 to $100,000.

At first, it wasn’t clear whether or not Daisy would survive, but thanks to her strong will and the help of amazing doctors she pulled through. Her owner, Brett Kozlowski (Villaneuva’s roommate), relinquished custody of Daisy to his ex-wife Sheila. Sheila and Daisy have lived together before and already share a bond. Daisy will be in a much better environment and in a loving home with Sheila.


Daisy’s medical expenses are piling up, as you can imagine. Sheila has started aGoFundMe and is asking for donations to help offset the costs. We are so grateful to Deputy Gonnelli for saving this pup’s life and we are super happy that Daisy now has a safe and loving home!


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