She Thought She Only Found A Dead Kangaroo, But With A Closer Look, Unbelievable!

Chloe Enright was driving down the road in Dunsborough, Australia  one morning with her children. Suddenly, she spotted a dead kangaroo laying on the side off the shoulder. “Something told me I needed to go back,” Chloe wrote on Facebook.  Good thing she did, because there inside the deceased  kangaroo’s pouch was a newborn baby joey. Her mother was still warm. The joey was clinging to her mom, and clinging to her own life. But instead of driving away and assuming there was nothing that could be done to save the tiny baby, Chloe and her children did an act of caring and it all started when Chloe pulled the joey out of her mother’s pouch.

What happened next is truly amazing, and everyone should see this!


One morning, Chloe Enright and her kids were driving home from a friend’s house when they drove past a dead kangaroo. “Something told me I needed to go back,” Enright wrote in a now viral Facebook post. “Inside the kangaroos pouch was a baby joey. Her mum was still warm but she was gone.”


“I gently pulled the baby joey out…”


“…and the children and I took her to the vet for some much needed milk.”


“We then went to Fawna to get a heated pouch and other things baby joey will need.”

F.A.W.N.A is a wildlife rescue organization that provides emergency care, shelter and rehabilitation for wildlife in need.


It was Enright’s motherly instincts that kicked in and ultimately saved this innocent baby’s life.
The folks at F.A.W.N.A sent the Enrights home with a carers pack. As you can see, Chloe and her kids have their work cut out for them, but they’re doing a wonderful job.
The joey is being kept constantly warm, and the family will be feeding her up to four times a day until she is weaned at 18 months.

The kids gave the joey the perfect name. “Angel, Lily thinks, because the angels brought her to us.” Once Angel is fully recovered, the family plans to release her back to the wild with the assistance of F.A.W.N.A.


“Our precious little fighter. Little does she know she’s going to save many joeys to come”

The Enright family has an important message: “Please always stop and check if you ever hit a kangaroo as there could be a precious baby joey that won’t survive without care.”

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