When She Can’t Decide Which Dog To Save, See What She Does…Amazing

When Danielle Eden would visit a shelter, as she has throughout the world she would usually bring a few home with her, a 50 acre property in King, Ontario.  She would rescue the dogs in the most dire circumstances.  

But she wasn’t prepared for what awaited her at a shelter she visited in Israel last January.


Sadly, every dog was in desperate conditions.

“This is the worst shelter she had ever seen,” Clare Forndran, media director for Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, explained.


More than 250 dogs were jammed into a space designed for only 70. Rats were everywhere. Many of the dogs have been her for  years. They would fight for a tiny piece of bread tossed to all of them.  Horrible conditions.


As she surveyed this sordid scene, Eden couldn’t choose which dogs would have a chance at new lives in Canada.  They all were living in hell.


So she decided to buy the entire shelter.

Since then, Dog Tales has taken responsibility for all 250 dogs. Over the last two months, it managed to relocate 90 within Israel. Another 25 have made the journey to the Ontario sanctuary.


There are still   The shelter is going through a total make over thanks to the team in Israel assigned to making a healthy living conditions, and veterinarians address the animals serious health concerns.

The goal is to bring all of the remaining dogs to Canada!

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The mission is doing awesome, over half have been adopted.

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They no longer have to fight one another for a crumb of bread and they have found their spirits and passion for life again!

Want to help? Consider signing up to give one of them a forever home. Visit Dog Tales’ adoption page here.


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