It Seems To Be A Normal Painting Of A Wolf Until You Look Closer…..

Twenty seconds into this clip and you’ll be blown away. The wolf howling towards the sky while snow swirls in the background? It’s not as it seems.

“The Wolf” is created by Johannes Stötter. Hyper-realistic optical illusions is his master specialty and just out of two basic mediums, human models and body paint, he is able to create something guaranteed to blow your mind! He goes for painting extreme detail, while expertly positioning and posing the individuals just right. The result is that the viewer believes that they are looking at a photo or video. Not just some low quality imagery, but something that appears to be shot by a pro in the wild!

It takes a few glances, but eventually you realize that these images consist of several models. A big key is the eye-brain perception and how Stötter uses the optical illusion ability to shape his work. Eyes will view an image, while the brain will process it. You can look at something, but then “see” something totally different. His work is indeed a great example of visual illusion.

Stötter has become a famous artist by creating these mind blowing pieces. In 2012 he was named the World Bodypainting Champion.

Check out this amazing work and see how he implements movement in the piece to create an even more realistic work of art. Truly amazing!


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