When This Officer Goes On A Routine Call, He Had Something Happen That He Never Expected!

This little guys  life had  just begun, but things were already looking dark for this Florida Pup.

Dumped in the night on the back porch of the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society(PAWS), the tiny puppy endured near-freezing temperatures before staffers found him the next morning.  But because of the kindness of one policeman, however, he’ll never be alone again!


While responding to an unrelated call at the shelter, Officer Marcus Montgomery was shown the puppy at the urging of a PAWS supervisor.  According to Montgomery, their connection was instant.

“She brings me this li’l guy, chill, no whining, no barking, just chill,” wrote Montgomery on image-sharing site Imgur. “So I get to hold him and he immediately curls up in my arms.”

Montgomery says he and his girlfriend now intend to foster and adopt the pup, a process they have done before, having taken in a pit bull they named Vader.


Along with his new big brother, the rescued puppy will be getting an appropriately Star Wars-inspired new name.

“We’re naming the new pup Kylo,” wrote Montgomery’s girlfriend on Facebook. We are so fortunate to have two amazing dogs that we adopted!


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