Warrior Puppy Makes A Special Friend After Surviving Horrible Abuse And Starvation

In September 2012, a starved puppy was brought to an animal rescue station. Thedog  was literally skin and bones.  The veterinarian says he is only about four months old!!


The fragile and debilitating puppy had suffered unspeakable abuse and was starved to the point of near death. She was in dire need of help. 


During the vet’s  examining, it was obso beaten badly, and she deserved another chance at life. The vets decided they wouldn’t give up hope on her. Because she’d survived such terrible odds, they named her Xena, warrior puppy.


Xena’s condition rapidly improved after she was given proper treatment and care. She gained a healthy amount of weight, her injuries had healed, and she was finally ready to find her forever home with a loving family.