Frightened Puppy Won’t Stop Crying After Procedure, Then Vet Kisses Her And She Becomes At Peace…

This sweet little puppy named Meesha was frightened and scared. She had just undergone a procedure, and she was terrified by the weird sensation her body was feeling. The anesthesia slowly began to wear off, and little Meesha started to whimper and cry. Little did she know, she was in very safe hands.

Watch this sweet moment between a dog and his doctor. Meesha needed a few hugs and kisses to calm her down as she recovered from anesthesia after being spayed. She was scared and disoriented because her body felt so weird. The precious pooch was just adopted by this family hoping to give her a better life. Meesha was surrendered to the BARCS Animal Shelter with her brother, Charlie, when they were six-weeks old. They came from an unwanted and unexpected litter of puppies.


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