This Dog Is Standing At The Side Of The Road And Wait Until You See Why

Julie Fennell, a local animal lover and advocate, was nearby and jumped into action when she heard about a dog standing vigilant over his dying friend along side the road.

 This loyal dog not only stayed with his dying friend, he actually dragged him off the road after he was hit by a car.

Staying with his friend who appeared to have been hit by a car, this loyal dog not only provided comfort but also dragged him off the road away from further harm.

He would not leave his friends dying side.

The gentle giant was so dedicated to his best friend.

When Fennell first approached the two, he barked to keep her away.

So vigilant was he, that when Fennell first approached, he barked for her to stay away. He needed to protect his friend.

He realized she was there to help, she took them to Dallas Animal Services.  He gives her a token of his appreciation gently on her shoulder. “Thank you”.

Fennell loaded the two dogs into her car and took them to Dallas Animal Services. This was how he thanked her.

This incredible dog reminds us that dogs can show love and loyalty as humans can.

If you’d like to help fill the void left in this poor pup’s heart, CLICK AND SHARE THIS STORY with your friends, especially in the Dallas area. Finding a forever home is a gift we can give him for his incredible deed. Visit SPIN Rescue, an organization that focuses on matching great Pyrenees dogs with loving homes.