This Cat Knew Just How To Comfort His Dying Friend

Wesley T. Monkey is a dedicated cat that you could depend on and be there for his friends when they needed him the most!

This 2 year old cat is know as the “mayor” of the  Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania.


Indra Lahiri founded the sanctuary and it serves as a forever home for former farm animals that are homeless and have nowhere else to go.  It houses about 100 cats, Wesley being the “top cat”!  He enjoys and is best know for riding, cuddling, sleeping and staying on “top of his friends”…


“All the other animals love him,” Lahiri explained. “He’s really just very popular. I don’t know how to put it any other way.”

Frequently in the spring, pregnant strays come to the sanctuary.  Lahiri explains, “Stray mothers find the barn and, you know, there’s food, shelter, everything else. So they decide they’re going to come here to have their babies. But we track them, we get them fixed.  That stray was Wesley’s mother.  The rest in ancient history!

Wesley has grown up at the sanctuary and around various animals, he’s never noticed a difference between species. “He just interacts the same way with another cat the way he would a human, a cow or a pig,” Lahiri shared with us.

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Wesley being friendly and very brave is able to get along with EVERY animal at the sanctuary.  Thus everyone is safe and blends with each other, they respect one another and are careful with each other.  Perfect example is Wesley sitting on the top of the hay while a 1,00 pound pig is eating his hay for lunch and Wesley is not at all concerned he may be accidentally eaten!  Perfect harmony~!

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Every litter of kittens born at the sanctuary receives a family name.  “Wesley’s family was given the name the Monkeys because they were like little monkeys and climbed around everywhere,” Lahiri said. “They were curious and mischievous.”

Wesley isn’t just a mischievous cat, he is also a very loyal friend.  Example is the case of Penny, a cow at the sanctuary who passed away last month.  Wesley jumped on top of Penny and remained with her, purring and comforting until her very last breath.


Wesley has never had the same day twice!  He has the entire sanctuary and lots of best friends that keeps him entertained every day!


“He has to have adventures,” Lahiri said. “He’s just not a sit-around kind of cat.”

You can keep up with Wesley T. Monkey and his friends on Facebook.   If you are interested in supporting the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary consider making a donation or sponsoring an animal.


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